Sizing and Care Instructions

Washing your Gi regularly is an important aspect of maintaining its longevity. Especially after a sweaty training session. Simple rules to follow will help keep your Gi from acquiring undesirable odors or excessive shrinkage.

 Wash your Gi in cold water with mild detergent (liquid is preferred) and  always hang dry your top. Pants can be hung dry or tumbled dry on low heat.

Sphere gis are pre-shrunk and will have minimal shrinkage if washed in cold water and hang dried. If you want to shrink to fit, you can tumble dry on medium heat after washing, for 5 minute intervals. Testing  it for proper fit after each interval  until you reach the desired fit. Always wash in cold water and hang dry after that.  It is recommended to always wash your gi’s by themselves or with other gi’s to avoid damage from zippers, color bleeds and such.

Use mild liquid detergent. Nathan wash is recommended but not necessary. Don't use bleach. A small amount of oxyclean will help freshen a stinky gi on occasion.     

 Washing your Gi as soon as possible after training is a great way to keep your gi from offending your training partners.. If you don't wash it right after training, be certain to air it out. Do not leave dirty Gi’s balled up in a bag or in the back of your car. Extended exposure to direct sunlight can sun fade your Gi. Then you will be that Guy or Girl.

 Turn the Gi inside out when washing. As it helps to preserve the embroidery and color of your Gi and helps to get easy access to the most soiled part of your Gi. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.