Men's Nomad Dune Gi

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The Sphere Cultural Series of Gi's is a designer project that pays homage to different World Cultures, with subtle elements and inspirational symbolism.

The Sphere Nomad Gi is the first in the Cultural Series, influenced by the Amazigh tribes (also known as the Berber) of Northern Africa. Amazigh, meaning "Free-Men", are nomadic by nature and it is their spirit of never settling and calling no place home that inspires the nomadic passions in our life's journey.

Nomad Gi's are our top of the line models manufactured to exacting standards of excellence with Sphere Signature Form factors and our advanced functional features.

Nomad; a member of a people having no permanent abode and travel from place to place; a wanderer.


  • Top: 480gsm 100% Cotton Pearl-Tech Weave The "Goldilocks" of Kimono weaves. Light enough for fluid unimpeded movement but Heavy enough to hold up to the most rigorous training.
  • Wicking Coolmax yoke insert with "Desert Traveler" sublimated artwork.
  • Unique Soft Flex Elbow inserts for added abrasion resistence while rolling.
  • Pants: 100% Cotton 10oz. Rip-stop, with a pearl weave gusseted crotch and knee inserts for added durability. Stretch drawstring and custom woven belt loops.
  • Triple reinforced stitching throughout with High Def Embroidery.
  • Seamtape at sleeve cuffs, outer jacket bottom, inner pant waistband and inner ankle cuffs.


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